Blago and the senate seat.


Blago is going to face an impeachment trial for essentially a conspiracy to sell an appointment to a US senate seat.  As disgusting as it is, I think the people of Illinois, which I am one, and those of the nation will be worse off with the seat NOT being sold.

The more I learn, the more I believe that the most unsettling thing to happen to the delicate balance of the US Constitution was the amendment to go to the direct election of senators. This caused the senate to have the same concern as most house members, re-election and the power of the federal government. The founders weren’t stupid. They knew senators appointed by state governments would often be corrupt but that corruption would make them beholden to the state governments, not the federal government. 

So Blago would have sold a senate seat if he wasn’t stopped… what would that mean? It would mean that at the very worst Blago would have ‘his’ guy in DC. This would mean vote against any legislation that took away from the states. Blago’s guy in DC wouldn’t put up with cocerisive federal programs or any of the other nonsense that has become SOP since senators were elected directly. As bad as it sounds I think we would have been better off with someone ‘owned’ politically by the forces of the state government than someone who would vote for expansion of the federal government hoping voters forget by election time. The state level politicians wouldn’t forget.



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