The NY Times expects us to feel sorry for:

These poor people who didn’t get their five and six figure bonuses this year.

How will they ever live on mere $25,000 bonuses?

“Anthony Abraham, 33, a management consultant in Chicago, is already
figuring he will not be buying a new car, and has canceled a trip to
Paris and will be paying back less than planned on his student loans. Last year, his bonus was around $50,000. This year, it will be half that amount, he figures, give or take a few thousand.”

Really? He has to cancel his trip to Paris? Gee… such suffering. No new car? Oh my… heavens he might be seen in last year’s car! One would think with a six figure salary and fifty grand bonuses he would have paid off those student loans well before he was 33 years old.

I can see why nobody reads this paper any more and their stock price is now less than the sunday news stand edition.Could they be any more out of touch with reality?



1 thought on “The NY Times expects us to feel sorry for:

  1. If he had a real understanding of how the market works he’d have shorted any of dozens of stocks and would be buying a car for himself and his sweetheart probably off on of the less successful brokers, extended his trip to Paris and paid off the student loan in full (just to get it out of the way).

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